Letting go is part of growth

56 Intention

56 Intention

These are the first notes I took during a class with Page Pearson last spring. “Each of us is a work in progress.” This month, my daily painting practice has helped me let go. It sets a rhythm to the days. Let go of the news. Let go of cluttered expectations. Just make tea. Paint. Wrestle with the rest later.

Unlike most to-do’s, for me painting brings calm. It creates time to listen. It is about pauses as much as it is about action.

This past week a student of mine died. Painting was a path out of depression for her, a light that renewed her spirit. Her friendship reminds me again to let go of fear, to reach out to others, to do what feels right.

Each opportunity to create is a blessing. Pick something you like and do it. Leave what gets in the way behind.

The time has come
To stop allowing the clutter
To clutter my mind
Like dirty snow,
Shove it off and find
Clear time, clear water.

from “New Year Resolve” by May Sarton, from Collected Poems 1930-1993. © W.W. Norton & Co., 1993.