The peace and quiet of class with an incredibly wise and encouraging and engaging teacher is truly life-sustaining for my mom.
— Daughetr of resident on dialsyis
After Monet, watercolor class,  LifeCare Center of Acton

After Monet, watercolor class, LifeCare Center of Acton

Art and care

I lead art classes in continuing care and assisted living communities.

Art activates time and quiets the mind. Each session creates space for residents to be makers instead of patients.

Art is exploration. I always remind folks: listen to yourself. Together we look for and encourage individual strengths.

Art is a journey. When they paint, students push past doubt to creation. They see that other people have doubts. They praise each other’s accomplishments. They begin to recognize their own.

Art is communication. Students leave with proof of their uniqueness. Even without words, after class they can share part of themselves with staff, family, and friends.

Setup is minimal. Choose a workshop or class series for your residents. Contact me to explore the possibilities.

It means the world to my mom that she can do more art and have you be her teacher.
— daughter of resident in long-term care